Dress Colour according to Your Skin Tone

Have you ever think about why the maroon colour does not harmonize with your skin tone whereas it is medium??? Even beige colour can make you look tired and dull if your skin tone is light/fair?

Which colour will suit your skin and what is the best colour scheme for ethnic wear? Such question always makes you annoying and bothersome. A colour Selection plays an important and crucial role in our life especially making choice of wearing clothes/jewellery/makeup.

Stop worrying my dear friends, here is the solution to your all queries and problems related to Colour Selection. Desicolour helps you in making choice of suitable dress colour according to your skin tone.

Indian Skin Colour is Categories of 3 shades LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK

Light Tone:

If you burn (Redish) easily in sunlight, that means your skin tone is Light.Try complimentary colours included blue, Pink, purple, orange, green and Soft/pastel shades baby pink/blue, peach, grey; golden will work most of the time/occasion. but avoid beige colour

Suggestion for Light Skin Tone :Pink & Golden | Orange & Pink | Golden & Red |White & Red,Blue/Pink/Multi-Colour| Yellow & blue| Peach & Orange|Olive green & Navy Blue

Medium Tone:

If your skin will lean peachy, yellow or golden that means you have medium or warm skin. You have a wide range of colours if your skin tone is medium, you can wear all kind of bright or dark shades (Hot pink/Hot Red/Yellow/black/blue/brown) but avoid neon Range. You might not comfortable with bold shades of blue, but I am happy to share this fact it looks great on most of the medium Indian skin tone, must try.

Suggestion for Medium Skin Tone: Dull Blue & bright Orange | Green & Pink| Purple & Peach | Yellow & Golden| Emerald Green| Golden & Grey| Mustard yellow

Dark Tone: 

The dark skin tone is a deep complexion.The most suitable and safest colour for the dark skin is white and black but must try dark and pastel shades. Give a chance to maroon; purple, olive green and soft shade grey but avoid brown Family

Suggestion for Dark Skin Tone:  White with Multi-Shade| Maroon & golden| Black & Red/golden| Teal green| Cream|

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Light Skin

Light Skin

Medium Skin

Medium Skin

 Dark Skin

Dark Skin